Lucid Dreams Studio is an indie game developer founded in 2017 by two veterans of the Montreal gaming scene. The studio aims to create beautiful and entertaining 2D titles for PC and consoles. Lucid Dreams Studio is also a proud member of the Indie Asylum, an amalgamation of video game companies all found under one roof.


Tell fascinating stories


Offer a gameplay accessible to all


Create immersive worlds

Our Team of Dreamers

About Lucid Dreams Studio - Angéline Beaulieu

Angéline Beaulieu

2D Level Artist

She loves sci-fi, fantasy, magic and making pasta at 3am.
About Lucid Dreams Studio - Véronique Bellavance

Véronique Bellavance

Art Director

She loves animals (especially her evil cats), all kinds of food, the supernatural, RPG, simulation games and drawing till she falls asleep.

About Lucid Dreams Studio - Daphné Benoit

Daphné Benoit

2D Animator

She loves music, nature, video games (if she likes the story and style, she plays them!), but especially cats, especially hers.
Rayanne Berriche profile picture

Rayanne Berriche

Brand Manager

Rayanne holds a Master's degree in marketing and communication. He worked in the video game market as a marketing manager for 2 years in France. Having loved his experience in this market, he decided to come to Montreal. Feel free to talk to him about Japanese animation or play fighting games with him!

About Lucid Dreams Studio - Gabriel Bradley

Gabriel Bradley

Level Designer

In addition to video games, he loves board games, card and RPGs. He loves music of all kinds and science fiction films. His many years working in a library have exacerbated his addiction to books. He also has a (too) large manga collection.
About Lucid Dreams Studio - Margaux Caron-Théberge

Margaux Caron-Théberge

2D Level Artist

She really likes Open World style games with strong art direction, and is particularly passionate about Dungeons & Dragons.
About Lucid Dreams Studio - William Gough

William Gough

Music Composer

He is passionate about music and everything that surrounds it, and keeps very good memories of hours spent grinding XP in RPGs of his childhood.
About Lucid Dreams Studio - Maxime Grégoire

Maxime Grégoire

Co-Founder & CEO

RPG gamer at heart, with shelves of sci-fi and fantasy books, a mug of matcha latte, and a love for every American football touchdown.

About Lucid Dreams Studio - Christian Haguenauer

Christian Haguenauer

Animation Director

He enjoys sci-fi, Irish folk music, Doom mods and terrible b-movies.
About Lucid Dreams Studio - Francis Lapierre

Francis Lapierre

Co-Founder & Technology Director

He enjoys travelling, sports, gaming and spending time with his family.
About Lucid Dreams Studio - Hélène Poulin

Hélène Poulin

Creative Director

She enjoys baking desserts, playing video games (especially JRPGs and adventure games), and binge-watch anime, animated movies and rom-coms!